Brave-Solana Partnership Boosts Crypto Adoption – 150% Welcome Bonus!

• Brave and Solana have joined forces to promote the adoption of crypto while making usage efficient.
• Brave announced via a Twitter thread on Feb 7, that they now support SOL dApps in their browser.
• Solana has seen an increase in adoption this year, with whales currently being active on the network.

Brave & Solana Collaborate To Increase Crypto Adoption

Brave and Solana have joined hands to push for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and make usage more efficient. On Feb 7th, Brave announced via a Twitter thread that their browser now supports SOL dApss following their partnership with the network. This will enable users to send, receive, store, and purchase SOL-based tokens directly from the browser.

Brave CEO’s Statement

Branden Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave said “with the addition of Solana dApp support on mobile, we are expanding that reach to another key group seeking fast and friendly ways to use their crypto on the go.” Amelia Daly, Head of Partnerships at Solana Foundation commented saying “user experience can be very fragmented in crypto. The Brave dApp integration is important because it allows for seamless browser-based connections to your favorite Solana programs, and it is optimized for mobile.”

What Is Brave?

Brave is a full-featured mobile browser which enables exploring and connecting with DApps. The new feature aims at further establishing its place within the web3 ecosystem as well as pushing for wider adoption of cryptocurrency.

Whales Are Active On Solana

Solana has seen increased activity from whales recently; WhaleAlerts reported a transfer of 7,981,517 SOL worth $184,488,088 across unknown wallets. Since beginning of 2021 it has demonstrated strong performance after bouncing back from FTX saga late last year with its native token recording a 70% increase in value in past 30 days.


The collaboration between Brave and Solana looks promising as both parties aim at pushing for wider adoption while making usage more efficient; allowing users to explore the world of cryptocurrency by providing them with easy access through browsers such as Brave’s own platform.